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Sourcemap is a B2B supply-chain mapping company. Breitling partnered with us to create a consumer-facing story-telling of the supply chain for their new Origins watch.

Company Overview
  • Bretiing’s new watch Super Chronomat Origins has fully traceable diamonds and gold, they have an initiative to have all watches traceable by 2025 .

  • They wanted to verify their supply chain through Sourcemap and present the findings to customers.

I led this 26-week remote project from requirements gathering through launch and collaborated closely with a Customer Service Manager and managed an external engineer.

Over 20 articles!

2k LinkedIn views & shares!

Foundation for future partnerships

Sourcemap saw an opportunity to create a new story-telling website experience product for their partners to share with consumers through the creation of a CMS and website…. and it worked!

Breitling partnership design of a B2C supply-chain storytelling online experience 

Project Summary

I led project scoping and requirements gathering along with prototyping and managing developer handoff for a B2C supply-chain storytelling,

  • Reqs gathering & scoping

  • Experience Design & Prototyping

  • External developer management

Timeline & Team

2 quarters start to finish with 3 person team (designer, external developer, and customer success manager). 


Launched to much fanfare on October 20th 2022. Has generated over 20 news articles, 2k views on LinkedIn, and set the foundation for future Breitling Collaboration.

Breitling Sustainability & Marketing teams
  • Goal: Showcase their product and commitment to traceability

  • Internal alignment from their side was sometimes challenging to get

  • Deferred to sustainability leadership in uncertain communication


Sourcemap C-suite & Executive Leadership
  • Goal: Create a new product that the company can use in future partnerships that fills a current gap

  • CEO and Senior VP of Product were very involved in design ideation and brought a specific vision


Customer Service Manager & External Dev
  • Goal: Launch this product and manage customer expectations

  • Working with an external developer needed to be crystal clear on reqs and timelines. Focused communication that is understandable and asks for feedback. 


I planned and held meetings with key stakeholder groups to gather requirements and scope the project. Keeping in mind the current partner Breitling and the potential for this design to be used in future partnerships. 

We want our customers to trust that we know our supply chain and understand where we are sourcing from. 


Taking what I learned in stakeholder meetings, I began to ideate through mood boarding to get a sense of how to tell a story for the user while incorporating Sourcemap and Breitling branding.

Item One

Item Two

Change the text to include your own content. Adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.

Item Three

Change the text to include your own content. Adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.

Locations & narrative

Feature the factories, refineries, and plants on a map with a cohesive narrative.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is highly important to both companies and styling with Breitling’s assets and a Sourcemap vector made both companies happy.

Intuitive CMS

Develop a user-friendly CMS that can be easily taught to others, while also ensuring its sustainability and feasibility for use by CS or PS teams.

The stakeholder meetings and ideation through mood boarding revealed how to design an impactful traceable story.

Locations & narrative

Brand Identity

Intuitive CMS

Building Blocks to engage all stakeholders

After mood boarding and ideating 3 opportunities, I concluded a preset pan and zoom map with accompanying visuals and text would be the best way to tell a supply chain story.

A critical dependency of the product was to show a map location of the supplier as well as accompanying visuals and text to tell the story.

1. Text and visuals to portray the story associated with the location mapped

2. Navigation anchors to navigate and show where you are in the story

3. Mapping/labelling of relevant locations with company names/sources displayed

Consumers can see the traceability story for the diamonds and gold in the Breitling Super Auto Chronomat Origins!

The story and map points are anchored so users move through them in a narrative fashion.

View the project at

Key Outcomes

  • Over 20 articles were written about this partnership

  • The online experience and partnership were shared on LinkedIn over 2k times

  • Laid the foundation for continuous partnership with Breitling and Sourcemap

Key Learning #1

Managing stakeholder expectations and understanding their key values is crucial to dealing with multiple high-input stakeholders.

Key Learning #2

When designing for feasibility and sustainability focus on making most of the project reusable and generalizable and add in the specific brand elements. 

Key Learning #3

Keep external nonalignment from affecting your team by having strong internal alignment through clear communication and goal. 

Managing different stakeholder needs and expectations is a crucial lens to approach product design and ideation. 

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